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How do I schedule a housecall?



1) How do I schedule a housecall?
     The best way is to fill out the form at this link: 

2) What should you expect during a 
housecall visit?
    I will arrive in my pickup truck.  I will almost always come by myself.  I have have the capacity to do most of the things that I did at the clinic.  I cannot perform surgery or take x-rays at your house.  I will almost always come INSIDE your house to take care of your pet.  I don't care if your house is messy...I realize that households with pets usually don't resemble museums.

3) What should you do to prepare for my visit? 
Please do these things BEFORE I arrive:
  A) Weigh your pet if possible.
  B) Clear off an area on a table or counter-top to work with your pet (this does not apply to large dogs).
  C) Place a towel or blanket on the cleared off area.
  D) Collect a stool sample...doesn't matter if cat litter is in it.


  F) All dogs should be on a leash. 

  G) Please try to arrange this in a well lit area if possible.
  I cannot stress the importance of these steps will help things go much more smoothly during my visit.

4) What is expected of you during the visit?
    I very likely will need an able bodied person to help me carry out my duties.  This may involve restraining your pet.  If I do need help with restraint, I will tell you exactly what I need you to do. Please do not try to tell me that you know the best way to accomplish this task...unless you have experience working in the veterinary field (and then we might discuss it).  If you cannot or are unwilling to help restrain your pet, we may not be able to complete the appointment.  On occasion, it may be necessary to place a muzzle on dogs. All of this is for the safety of your pet, you, and myself.

5) Then what?
    When we are done, payment will be expected in the form of check or cash...NO CREDIT CARDS.  I will make every attempt to provide you with an estimate prior to scheduling an appointment.  If there are things that you don't want to do, or additions not on the estimate...please let me know ahead of time so that I bring the correct supplies.  I will follow-up with you the next day with lab results.

6) Any questions?
    This is a different experience for those of you that have not utilized this service before.  Although it is a change in how we interact, the overwhelming reaction has been very positive.  If you do have any is the preferred method of reaching me:  The phone number remains the same, and you are welcome to leave a voicemail message if you don't like email.  I look forward to moving ahead with you in this new paradigm.  

After reading this, please reply via email that you have read the information here.  I will not come to your house until I know that you have read and understand all of this.


Dr. Vaughan


After 16 years of practice in the Tower Center, Dr. Vaughan transitioned to a 100% housecall practice in January of 2016.  His practice was not sold nor did it go out of business.  He simply changed the method of delivering care to your pets.  FVC no longer occupies the previous location on Suffolk Rd. in Finksburg.  Instead, Dr. Vaughan will come to your home for a personalized visit with you and your pet(s).  Gone are the days of dragging your pets out to the car for a stressful ride to the vet's office.  These adventures could often involve your pet vomiting, urinating, and defecating in the car...all before ever arriving at the office.  If you need to speak with Dr. V, have questions, or need your pet's medical history please email, or leave a message at 410-833-3300.

The unique experience of housecalls minimizes stress on both you and your pet.  None of the normal distractions of other dogs barking, phones ringing, and other strange people and smells will interfere with your appointment.

Although surgery and x-rays are not currently offered with housecalls, most of the previously performed services are available.  Check the services tab for a partial list of services.

The fees for housecalls vary by distance traveled to your house.  My practice is limited to dogs and cats in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
Please take a moment to contact me today, to learn more about my veterinary practice and to find out more information about how Finksburg Veterinary Center can serve the needs of you and your cherished pet.



Listed below are some of the available services:



-Laboratory tests

-Pain Management

-Senior Care

-Outpatient Medical Care

-Carroll County Dog Licenses

-Humane Euthanasia/Cremation

If you want something that you don't see here, then email me to see if it's available.


Contact Info:


Phone number:  

410-833-3300 or



Finksburg Veterinary Center

P.O. Box 562

Finksburg MD 21048

Variable Hours to meet your schedule

Call or E-mail for appointment

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